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MOLNFT.io is web3 open source and open access dapp on GenesisL1 blockchain to create molecular structures ERC-721 NFT from .pdb and .cif files, with bioinformatics tools to research it attached to each NFT. Interactive view with nglviewer, deep analysis with ICN3D(VR) and Virtual Reality molecular research with VRMol tools UI attached to each MolNFT. Anyone can create MolNFT (NFTize molecular structure) with molnft.io. NFT mint is FREE, you need gas in GenesisL1 blockchain to perform smart contract minting action (1L1 may mint ~5000 MolNFT with 1gel1 default gas). Optionally you can add your MolNFT to NFT molecular Gallery for 50 L1 fee that goes to blockchain community pool. MolNFT.io produce NFT WITHOUT RARITY feature. On the other hand, MolNFT.org dapp have collections of databases minted as NFT, such as PDB Bank and AlphaFold, with single NFT per database entry. Anyone can view and reproduce any MolNFT v1 using MolNFT.io. Gallery of MolNFT based on hedonic motivation, entertainment and education. Provided AS IS, WITH NO WARRANTY.